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Marilyn Lennon is a visual artist and lecturer. Over the last decade she has worked predominantly through social art practice while also developing and co-directing a masters in social art practice (MA SPACE) at Limerick School of Art and Design.

She is currently enrolled on the advanced level, continuing professional development course, Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art. This is an international, distance course, introducing key issues and practices in working with art in the public realm by Valand Academy at University of Gothenburg, in partnership with Public Art Agency Sweden and the University of Arts Helsinki.

Marilyn's art practice has been situated in both urban and rural places of contestation, where outcomes are co-developed and co-created actions, situations, sites of exchange, artefacts and documentation. Her work is particularly focussed on the social production of space as resistance and the creative development of new territorialities as contestation. Creative processes invite collective actions of resistance, organising, experiencing and of materialisation. The co-created and extended processes often question and contest established or institutionalised norms.

For example her social art project, The SpiritStore Art Cafe, established and curated by Marilyn, brought together Limerick city based collaborators to negotiate, renovate, occupy and community manage an empty iconic public house, the Sarsfield Bar, Limerick. It was opened as a city centre social space during the Irish economic crash hosting over seventy programmed events giving access to the site as a stage for co-production, discussion, performativity, social gathering and exchange.

WayMarkers was a long term project which she began in the years just before the UK Brexit vote, engaged in the collaborative mapping of hikers routes that criss-crossed the IRL/UK border on the island of Ireland. This evolved from working with the Knockatallon Ramblers through their embodied knowledge of place, which has given them a particular perspective of the border between rural Co. Monaghan and the adjoining counties across the border. From her experience growing up on the same border, Marilyn walked with the Ramblers and worked through artistic, participatory and collaborative methods first developing a deep understanding of the ramblers wider motivations and concerns, revealing a desire to create a counter map or counter narrative of place. This led to the co-development of an innovative prototype online community map.

Since 2018 she is in a working partnership with artists Colette Lewis and Elinor Rivers.

They are currently working on a social art project in Cork city, PLoT: Peoples Land Trust, for which they have received the Art in Context Research and Development Award, Cork City Council (2020) and Artist in the Community Research and Development Award, Arts Council of Ireland (2020).

Their previous work Water Broadcasting Secret Stations featured in the Skibbereen Arts Festival (2019) and the curated exhibition, Spare Room: Art, Architecture and Activism, Cork (2019). They were also commissioned by Skibbereen Arts Festival for Sign(s) of the Times billboard project (2019).

Enquires are welcome.

For CV see here.