Artists Talk and Panel Discussion, Empowering Art.  Dance Limerick’s What Next Festival. Limerick City Gallery of Art.  2019


Artist Talk – Some Joined Up Thinking - WayMarkers

      Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 2017

      Callan Workhouse Union, Kilkenny 2017

      Ormston House, Limerick 2017

      Uillinn, West Cork Art Centre, Skibbereen 2017

      Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford 2017


Talk and Fieldtrip - WayMarkers Mapping Beyond Borders, Monaghan Heritage Forum. Heritage Office Monaghan CoCo meeting, Monaghan. 2016


Workshops - WayMarkers Mapping, Monaghan Nov 2014 - 2016


Artists Talk - Cumann Information Session: Artist in Community Scheme, Create and Droichead Arts Centre 2016


Presenter - 'WayMarkersGalway International Summer School on the Arts and Human Rights. “Belonging”. Exploring the intersection between the arts and human rightsUniversity College Galway, 2015


Artists Talk - Long Distance Walks and Other Pilgrimages, Pathfinders Gathering. 

The Walking Institute, Deveron Arts, Huntly, Scotland 2015

Presenter - Locating the Gothic Conference 2014 - Threshold Mapping
Psychogeography and Visual Culture Panel (Chair – Iain Biggs) Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick Institute of Technology 2014


Presenter - Future State with Limerick City Gallery of Art and Goldsmiths, University of London,  Land │Labour │Capital, Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Symposium, 2013.


Workshop & Artists Talk - Open Engagement 2013, International Conference, Portland, Oregan, USA 2013.


Artists Talk -Six Memos presents Species of Space,  Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT, Ireland 2010


SpiritStore Inkstorm Poetry Depot 
           2010 Culture Night Limerick
           2011 Made in Temple Bar, Arts Festival, Dublin
           2011 Flatlakes Literary and Arts Festival, Monaghan
           2011 CATDIG, Arts Festival, Limerick
           2011 Culture Night Limerick
           2011 Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Galway


Student Forum Coordinators - Fourth Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (iHCI 2010) Dublin, Ireland 2010


Artists Talk - From Slack Spaces to Creative Cities
The National Sculpture Factory for ArtTrail, Cork, Ireland 2009

Workshop Leader/Collaborator – (Two-Week Workshop)

 Interaction Design in Public Spaces Workshop, University of Split, Croatia. 2007/2008

Atelier Leader – (Two-Week Workshop)

 EU Convivo Workshop in Interaction Design. Bollnas, Sweden 2007

Atelier Leader – (Two-Week Workshop) 

EU Convivo Workshop in Interaction Design. Timisoara, Romania 2005

Workshop Leader – EU Convivio, (Two-Week Workshop)

Learning Practices in Interaction Design, Ireland 2005

Presenter – EU Convivio Workshop, Interaction Design in Public Places, Limerick, Ireland

Presenter - Concepts and Methods for Interdisciplinary Research, Cork Institute of Technology 2005

Academic Staff - Siena Design Project, International Interaction Design Competition. University of Siena, Siena, Italy 2004

Academic Staff - Siena Design Project, International Interaction Design Competition. University of Siena, Siena, Italy 2003

Presenter - "UbiWhat?" - Seminar on Ubiquitous Computing, University of Limerick 2003

Presenter - "Understanding Experience", Design Seminar, University of Limerick 2003

Presenter - Technology Transfer Initiative (TTI) Innovation Club, University of Limerick 2003






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Certificate of Patent granted by the Irish Patent Office, November 2003






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Shortlisted – West Quarter Regeneration Project. Cork City Council, Percent-for-Art scheme, 2017.


Invited Create Panel member - Arts Council of Ireland, 'Artist in the Community' Scheme, April 2017



Funding Awards



Arts Council of Ireland, 'Artist in the Community' Scheme, Research and Development fund. (Fund to the Institute of Dwelling) 2018


Arts Council of Ireland, 'Artist in the Community' Scheme, Long-term Project Realisation Fund. 2014


Arts Council of Ireland, 'Artist in the Community' Scheme, Research and Development fund. 2012


Arts Council of Ireland, Artist in the Community with Hospital Family resource Centre 2006


Enterprise Ireland Innovation Fund 2002


Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Omagh District Council, Artist- in-Residence, 1998


Arts Council of Ireland, Artquake Monaghan, Artist in the Community 1992



Funded Collaborations and Placements


Institute of Dwelling

Arts Council of Ireland Artist in the Community 18


Knockatallon Ramblers

Arts Council of Ireland Artist in the Community’12 - ‘16


SpiritStore Art Project,

Limerick County Council Arts Office and others (see pages) '09 - ‘12


Hospital Family Resource Centre 

Arts Council of Ireland, Community Artist ‘06


Milford Primary School

Artist/Researcher, University of Limerick ‘04


Omagh District Council 

Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Artist- in-Residence ‘98


North Lee Development, Cork,

Artist-in-Placement ‘95


National Sculpture Factory, Cork,

Artist Placement ‘94


Monaghan VEC

Arts Council of Ireland, Artist-in-the-Community ‘92




Journal papers