WayMarkers – Mapping Beyond Borders 2012 - 2016

Collaboration with the Knockatallon Ramblers, Co. Monaghan

WayMarkers is a socially engaged art project. We are community

mapping at the border between Rep. of Ireland and Northern Ireland

to capture a ramblers description of place.

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.


Current Project Activities include

ExhibitionThe 2nd NSK State Folk Art Biennale: Folk Art Rising 1916-2016 Burren College of Art

Presentation Cumann Information Session: Artist in Community Scheme, Create and Droichead Arts Centre

Presentation Monaghan Heritage Forum. Heritage Office Monaghan CoCo meeting and fieldtrip, Monaghan.

Project launch at Monaghan Arts Office, Market House Monaghan.

Pending Workshops at Enniskillen Visual Arts Open 2016


SpiritStore Socially Engaged Art Project 2009 – 2011


SpiritStore Art Café 2009

Founded SpiritStore Art Project, negotiated access

and occupied a defunct infamous Limerick public house.

Refurbished space for purpose.

Operated a social art space, an Art Cafe open to the

public as a venue and a functioning cafe.

Directed art project with cohort of twenty artists .

Programmed over 100 events, with open curatorial philosophy.

The Sarsfield Bar, Limerick city.


SpiritStore CATDIG 2010

Directed art project. Initiated, coordinated, programmed and ran

a three day street arts festival.

Negotiated spaces with traders and city council for

EV+A 2010 International Visual Art Exhibition.

Festival now under traders managemnet in its 6th year,

renamed 'TomCat' to incorporate the addition

of Thomas street.

Catherine Street Limerick city

SpiritStore Packet&Tripe 2010

Invited a collaboration with Teaspach Theatre Company to

cook and serve Packet and Tripe, a traditional

Limerick dish at the opening of EV+A 2010

International Visual Art Exhibition

Limerick city


SpiritStore Inkstorm Poetry Depot 2010/11

Initiated a collaboration with Inkstorm Poets, Galway.

Together devised a co-writing public poetry writing event, writing

draft poems directly from conversations between poets

and public participants. Hosted by;


2010 Culture Night Limerick

2011 Made in Temple Bar, Arts Festival, Dublin

2011 Flatlakes Literary and Arts Festival, Monaghan

2011 CATDIG, Arts Festival, Limerick

2011 Culture Night Limerick

2011 Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Galway  



Workshop Series on Interaction Design *

Department of Visual Communication Design, Arts Academy, Split, Croatia 2008 - Collaborator /Workshop Leader

*Visual Communications Department, Academy of Fine Arts, Split: Art workshops works from 2006 – 2008Salon Grand Prix Winner (ULUPUH Croatian Association of Visual Artists of Applied Arts) 43rd Zagrebacki Salon, Croatia '08/‘09 


The Big5

Funded by EU Convivo Summer School in Interaction Design. Bollnas, Sweden 2007



Science Foundation Ireland funded project, the Interaction Design Centre 2005


City of Flowers

Funded by EU Convivo Summer School in Interaction Design. Timisoara, Romania 2005


SHAPE  - Re-Tracing the Past -  EU project (Situating Hybrid Assemblies in Public Environments) Interaction Design Centre

Site specific exhibition, Hunt Museum, Limerick, ireland 2004



Funded by Enterprise Ireland, Research Innovation Fund at the Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick. 2002-2004 

Concept/Project Manager/ Research Officer