IoD (institute of dwelling)

The IoD is a collaboration,  fellow Cork Artist Collective members, Colette Lewis and Marilyn Lennon, and artist Elinor Rivers.  It is an explorative social art project working with the concept of dwelling under the characterisations of; ‘a place of residence’, ‘considering’ and ‘being’.  The IoD invites an exploration of dwelling through the hands-on experience of working with materials and inhabiting spaces. 












Research Archive

Awarded Arts Council of Ireland, 'Artist in the Community' Scheme, Research and Development fund 2018

During Learning Lab: Art, Cultural Democracy and the City, Create & Counterpoints Arts, Cork, 2019, the IoD provocation suggests attention is given to urban stimulus and to invisible infrastructures. We register how the body inhabits spaces and how spaces inhabit the body.

IoD members Marilyn Lennon and Colette Lewis, dressed in ‘Sensing Workware’, divined (dowsed) the ground floor of St Peter’s Church. Divining is carried out by holding two L-shaped rods perpendicular to the ground in the hands of diviners while traversing a space until the rods indicate a water source is present underground. At St Peter’s Church, both diviners detected a strong current of water running beneath the floor causing the divining rods to move into a cross formation when passing over this invisible natural force. 

We suggest that unconscious peripheral perception is an undervalued human capacity and that through ‘sensational cartography’ we can begin to understand and capture how we fully dwell in urban spaces in order to imagine future possibilities.