catdig - Catherine Street Cultural Dig





The (street) landscape is a work of the mind, another compartment in the cultural baggage we all lug about. The (street)  scenery is built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock, shaped by the same rich and complex traditions that frame other aspects of our cultural world. Without the proper context (or rather the proper contexts, as our way of seeing changes with the prevailing ideological fashion), we are unable to harvest from a look at the land all that it has to offer. S Schama




Catherine street is the longest street in Limerick cities georgian grid system. Residents and traders from Catherine Street in Limerick city centre worked with SpiritStore acting as hosts of a full weekend programme of cultural events aimed to excavate the complex strata of this 500 meters, curated by SpiritStore for ev+a 2010.  

This collorative art project was articulated in three collaborative bursts; research; event organisation; and running.  
Initially our methods drew on contextual enquiry, creating an understanding of the economic, social, physical, temporal historic aspects of the street in order to communicate effectively with residents and with contributors.   Methods  included conversation, questioning and survey, public meetings in private spaces, private meetings in public spaces, observation, detailed technical surveying, mapping, tracing, interviews, photography, video, sound recording.  Later, the project team coordinated the event programme, PR, volunteer coordination, equipment and physical preparation etc.  The programme ran as a weekend event with over 60 cultural workshops, performances, exhibitions, talks and installations